These suggestions should help you get the best results when viewing our catalogues and when using the search form.

The new version of our website still has some issues that cause the catalogues to display without the correct formatting. Please click on the title, author, or view more information links to see the book information presented in the way we intended.


The default display option for catalogues is by Author A-Z. You can also choose to display the books by Title. The system does not understand that it should ignore 'A' and 'The' at the beginning of a title. If you choose to view the catalogues in Title rather than Author sorting in some cases titles starting with A are listed first and titles beginning with The are listed down with the T's. We suppose without these quirks life might get boring...


Try entering your search using various options. For example, entering Thirkell as the author will result in a list of many wonderful books by Angela Thirkell. If you enter Thirkell and search ALL the result is a list of books that have any mention of Thirkell in the listing, incluing any related to AT and her world. You may not always get such a varied response from your entries but it is worth a try.