16 August, 1902 - 4 July, 1974


Our favourite author of Regencies. This catalogue contains both romances and mysteries by Georgette Heyer. 


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We get many queries on how to pronounce this author's name. Georgette Heyer pronounced it "Hare" (rhymes with fair).    However, her grandfather was Russian, and the name was pronounced  "Higher"  (rhymes with "flyer") when the family emigrated to Great Britain.  During World War I,  the family (along with many families with German sounding names) changed the pronunciation to sound less German and more British and began to pronounce it "Hay-er," and eventually  "Hare".  So it seems all versions are *technically* correct but now you know which the author herself preferred. 


The AGM of the Angela Thirkell Society, NAB was held in Richmond, VA in Oct. 2004.  Jerri Chase, a member of the ATS, AT and DES email discussion groups gave a fascinating talk titled Comparing  the Lives and Works of Dorothy L. Sayers, D.E. Stevenson and Georgette Heyer with Angela Thirkell. She has graciously allowed us to add this to our web site. Please click the title link to read this enjoyable article.


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