FREE Books to Good Homes

We have acquired some damaged books that we don't feel comfortable selling. They are customer favourites that we would rather share than discard. All pages are present unless noted.


We will send *one* book from the list below free to anyone purchasing at least one other *secondhand* (that is used, not newly published) book from our web site. To request a book put the title in the comments section during check-out with the note "I can give this book a home." 


This list is subject to prior requests but we try to keep it updated and add more titles as they become available. 

Free books currently available

Godden, Rumer; "A Breath of Air";mass market paperback, binding cracked, pages coming loose

Godden, Rumer; "The Greengage Summer"; mass market paperback, soiled, loose pages

Godden, Rumer; "The Peacock Spring"; mass market paperback, soiled, binding cracked, pages coming loose

Goudge, Elizabeth: "Gentian Hill"; mass market paperback

Goudge, Elizabeth: "Little White Horse"; mass market paperback held together with a rubber band

Mitford, Nancy: "Christmas Pudding": mass market paperback, loose pages held together with a rubber band

Stevenson, D.E.: "Music in the Hills"; trade paperback; pages coming loose

Stevenson, D.E.: "Shoulder the Sky"; mass market paperback held together with a rubber band

Tey, Josepehine: "Brat Farrar"; mass market paperback; age browned pages coming loose

Tey, Josepehine: "Miss Pym Disposes"; mass market paperback; book dampstained, but readable, and age browned

Thirkell, Angela; "August Folly"; mass market paperback; spine damaged, pages browned and ready to come loose from binding