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We began as an international booksearch service that locates out-of-print and difficult-to-find books. While we now stock secondhand books on a variety of subjects, we still do searches in the following specialties: British women authors, Books for Anglophiles, Women's Studies/History, and Children's books. To initiate a booksearch just click on the Off-Line Search Service link on the left.

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Honestly! or By Popular Demand...

'I do think you should have a section on your website with customers' comments so they can praise you to the skies. Maybe the title should be Honestly!' --Linda S., WA As you can see by the link above we took her advice. :o)

Do you have a comment about our website, books, service, etc.? There is a comment submission form on the "Contact Us" page.  If you wish, please give us permission to post your comments on this site. We would also love to know how you first found Anglophile Books.You can also click the "Call Me" icon below to call us free of charge from anywhere within the US and Canada.


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 We are Kiva 'loaners' and invite you to join us in changing the world one loan at a time. Here is the Anglophile Books portfolio. We would like to add a customer Kiva page to our web site. If you are willing to share a link to your Kiva portfolio please contact us.

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